Our focus


is on timeless, modern design that mixes
well in any aesthetic.

We only offer designs that we are passionate about

1, 2, 3 & 4 seater


Beds & Headboards

Coffee Tables

Corner Sofas

Dining Chairs

Dining Tables

Leisure Chairs



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Designers, furniture makers, customer advisers & craftsmen of various professions do their utmost to achieve the best results in terms of design, comfort, function and ergonomics.


Our leather range includes Cow, Kudu and Oryx


Our attention to detail by our team of expertise is part of our company’s philosophy to ensure superior quality.

About us

We are a quality-conscious organisation, engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting superior furniture and accessories


Timeless, modern design that mixes well in any aesthetic


Green Dot Homes consists of high quality skill sets and experience since 1987.
Our experience in the furniture industry includes retail, design and manufacturing.

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