Sinuous Coil Springs

S-springs are made from two-dimensional S-shaped wires and are also known as “no-Sag springs”, “zigzag wire” or “zigzag springs”. They are fastened to the frame with clips and no-sag nails and are spaced every few inches apart from front-to-back or top-to-bottom on custom seats, backs, etc.

Comforel Dacron – Hypoallergenic with the feel of Down

Dacron Comforel

As one of the most tenured polyester fibre brands in the world, Comforel creates quality fibrefill ranging from soft and down-like to firm and bulky for throw pillows.
Dacron Comforel is a preferred choice for building in comfort.

Dacron – Bonded Polyester Batting

Commonly referred to as Dacron, bonded polyester is used for cushion wrapping, padding the wooden furniture frame and adding softness to panels, headboards and cornices. Dacron is used anywhere smoothness is required.


We have a collection of basic plain fabrics with a variety of finishes and textures as well as patterned fabrics for the pioneers.
We only use high quality fabrics with a high thread count.

Our fabric range includes: Linen, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Cotton Blend and Polyester
Our colours vary from neutral to fashionable and sophisticated.
We also invite designers to provide their own fabrics and will quote you on CMT (Cut, Measure and Trim) prices.

Feather Down


It is a two dimensional structure and ideal for use as support in everything from bedding to cushions.


It is structurally different to feathers and used for different purposes. It is three dimensional and does not have shaft, instead it is made up of a cluster of fibres stemming from a central point. Down is the best natural insulator.

We typically use a blend of 25% down and 75% feathers in our products and are the ultimate in luxury and comfort.


Our foam used meets the standards for content, emissions and durability and has been analysed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. The most important properties of foam are Density & Firmness:
Density – determined by how much a piece of foam weighs.
Firmness – The sit test or what is your firmness preference.
We choose different foam densities depending on the design of the furniture as well as the customer’s preference. There are 3 general options – Soft, Medium or Firm. The foam is also used with a combination of other materials like chip foam & eco fibre to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Fabric Canvas

We use fabric canvas for the upholstery of our outdoor furniture range. The canvas waterproof features a plastic PVC backing with a waterproof coating, making it extremely durable and resilient. The fabric also has mold and UV resistance qualities. Different types and colours are available to choose from. We also invite designers to provide their own fabrics and will quote you on CMT (Cut, Measure and Trim) prices.

The Frame

A well-built sofa starts with a good frame. Our frames are constructed from solid, dried timber preventing warping and cracking over time.
Our frames are also constructed in manner to make sure the joints are solid so that the frame is strong and stable with corners glued, double-doweled, and reinforced with blocking and a centre support bracket.


Our leather range includes Cow, Kudu and Oryx (Gemsbok)

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