Sofa Cover

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Our miracle sofa cover has a two-fold purpose: it can either protect your new sofa from daily wear and tear, spills and stains or give your bad looking favourite a new, rejuvenated look.

Our covers are made of polyester and spandex fabric which are soft, stretchy and slip resistant for your ultimate comfort.

Its easy application makes it so much more appealing.

Installation Manual
1. Spread the fabric evenly over the sofa. Adjust the center of sofa cover in between the armrests.
2. Tuck the sponge bar in between the cushion grooves to hold them in place. This will shape the cover of the sofa.
3. Tilt the sofa upwards and tie the elastic ties tightly to prevent the cover from sliding.
4. Pull all the excess fabric and tuck it tightly into the crease between the armrest and the seat.
5. Place your cushions or pillows back onto the sofa and relax!

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